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Which Window Frame Material Should You Be Using?

What is the best framing material for your windows

All windows are not created equal, different frame materials have several different benefits and temperaments, especially when exposed to the elements. This short guide will help you break down what window frame materials exist and which would best suit the needs of your home for your next window installation. 

Window Frame Material Types


  • Wood: Wood is also an excellent material for insulation, although while it matches vinyl in insulation abilities the upkeep can be a handful. Because this material is constantly exposed to the elements it wouldn’t be wise to use in a particularly humid or rainy climate. With that being said, being exposed to improper climates can lead to dry rot, deterioration, and even bug infestations which makes the upkeep of your wood windows that much more important. 
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is one of the most affordable materials that can be used, although it isn’t as strong as aluminum it is one of the most used materials. It is also known for its thermal protection and low environmental impact.
  • Aluminum: While aluminum isn’t the greatest at insulating your home it is useful in other climates, especially humid, rainy climates that experience hurricanes. The strength of aluminum makes it an excellent choice for areas with strong winds, and even tropical storms and even allows it to last longer than vinyl. Unfortunately aluminum isn’t perfect, with being exposed to elements, it runs the risk of corroding, especially in a climate that is close to saltwater.
  • Fiberglass: This material is a combination of several others including glass and polyester resins, this blend makes fiberglass the strongest material you can use for your windows. But fiberglass is the most expensive material that you could use, in return it is one of the most thermally effective materials and can be repainted throughout the years without warping or twisting like other materials are prone to experiencing. 

If you find yourself still unsure of what material is right to use, schedule a consultation with our experienced professionals to discuss what frame would suit your needs.