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When Should You Replace Your Siding?

How to know if your siding needs to be replaced

When it comes to the siding on your home you can easily be overwhelmed with material options, wood is a classic vintage choice but doesn’t have the durability of aluminum. Regardless of whether you choose wood, vinyl or fiberglass, the most important factor is understanding the health of your siding and when it will require replacement. 

Needing to replace your siding is a fact of life and something that will need to be done somewhat regularly, roughly every ten to fifteen years, depending on the material, climate you live in, and how often it is being cleaned – think of it as a check-up for your home! A few important factors to watch out for  when taking care of your siding are:

  • Dry Rot: Catching this early on is the difference between needing to replace a small piece of siding or needing to recover your entire home. Moisture seeps into the siding and grows fungus that rapidly eats away at the materials risking structural damage to the home. 

  • Cracks or other damage: While cracks and breaks to your siding aren’t as alarming as the beginning stages of dry rot, it is still crucial to replace the broken piece as soon as a crack is found. Doing this can protect your home from water getting in and eventually leading to the dreaded dry rot.

  • Mold: Depending on the area where mold is found, it can either mean giving your siding a good wash or having to seriously inspect your home for water damage and possibly require an inspection from siding professionals. Depending on the material of the siding mold will function similarly to dry rot by eating away at the panels. Once inside your home, mold can even have a damaging effect on the air you breathe and put the health of your family at risk.

  • Increase in bills: Damages that can’t be seen with the eye, can often be found in skyrocketing electricity bills. Unseen gaps or holes in the home can often be the cause of drafts and air changes, therefore making your AC work twice as hard and charging you twice as much. 

While all of these possible issues seem scary, when siding is installed by knowledgeable professionals the risk drops greatly. But next time you are planning your weekend chores consider adding siding cleanup to the list! It will not only keep your siding beautiful and clean but ensure that you are getting the most out of your home.