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Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

How to tell if your window needs to be replaced

Most homeowners aren’t sure about when or why their home’s windows should be replaced, for older drafty windows the need can be very obvious, but what about when it isn’t? Here are a few ways your home might be telling you to replace your windows. 

      • Drafts: As stated earlier one of the most obvious signs your windows are no longer performing properly is the existence of a draft, especially in the wintertime the escaping of warm comfortable air can result in energy bills shooting through the roof. Addressing a draft as soon as it is found is the difference between saving money and letting your dollars blow out the window. 

        • Foggy Windows: Condensation and fog on windows can seem fairly normal, and condensation on the outside of the windows is a great indicator that your window is doing its job! But if condensation begins to form between the panes of the window can be a sign that your windows are not working efficiently. This usually means that the seal of the pane is broken and allows water to enter between the windows, in which case the only solution is to replace the window completely. 

          • Noise: Another incredibly noticeable factor that means your windows are lacking is noise, outdoor noise that is! Noise seeping into your home can mean that the panes of your current windows are too thin for their environment, while noise pollution doesn’t raise your energy bill, it can be an annoyance for those who live near busy roads. The solution for this can be investing in newer windows with thicker glass, and of course, getting the benefit of more effective insulation. 

            • Damage: Replacing damaged windows seems like a no-brainer, whether it be a chip in the glass or water damage to the seal, but the tiniest bit of harm can greatly affect the look, feel, and value of your home! Another quick indicator is the feel of the windows, if the frame is soft to the touch, it needs replacing immediately as it has already experienced thorough water damage. 

          If you aren’t sure if your windows need to be replaced you can hire an experienced professional to come and inspect your home and provide a consultation for your new windows!