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Hail Damage and Your Home

hail damage for siding and windows on your home in Rapid City

Hail season is right around the corner for South Dakota residents and can often bring severe damage to the siding of your home. But this damage isn’t always visible to the untrained eye, just because your siding isn’t visibly cracked or broken doesn’t mean it wasn’t damaged. Hail storms can often create microscopic holes and gaps in your siding that at the time might not seem like a major problem but down the road can lead to a bigger issue. These tiny breaks in your siding can let moisture seep in, and soak into the interior walls of your home, creating a much larger problem that could have easily been prevented.

It is important to keep in mind that the material used for your home can affect the level of damage hail inflicts on your siding. For example, while aluminum can be resistant to cracking and bending it can easily be dented by the smallest of hail storms. Wood is another material that is easily damaged by outside elements, the change in temperature can warp the shape, and moisture can easily seep through and invade your home.

You can learn more about the benefits of different siding materials and their advantages and disadvantages in one of our latest blogs! We break down several different materials and how they can affect the health of your home’s structure.

Not everyone knows when they should replace their siding, especially when it comes to hail damage it is important to reach out to a trusted professional who knows to look out for the tiniest gaps in your home.